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Transcription Services

The spoken word written any way you want it.

Transcribe and translate your audio or video content into any language.

Speak to the world

Codex transcription services deliver accurate written transcripts of any audio or video material, either in its original language or translated into over 150 languages.

We can work with any file format, and supply the transcription in any document format required.

Everything works to your specific requirements, whether it’s monolingual (e.g. French audio into French text), bilingual (e.g. French audio into English text) or multilingual (e.g. French audio into German and English texts).



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Atlantic House
351 Oxford Street
London. W1C 2JF, UK

Tel: +44 207 647 9555


Landwehrstra ße. 61
80336 Munich

Tel: +49 89 2109 4774


World Trade Center Barcelona
Muelle de Barcelona
08039 Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +34 93 2204144


1200 Century Way
Thorpe Park Business Park
Leeds. LS15 8ZA, UK

Tel: +44 113 3201 450


Via Torino 2
Milano 20123

Tel: +39 02 94759528


Prisma International Building
1st Floor, Ibn Seena Street Muntazah
Doha. Qatar

Tel: +947 4417 3108

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