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Proxy Server


Multilingual Websites via Proxy Server: Let the Codex Translation Proxy service help you reach international markets, in a timely cost effective manner using simple non-invasive technology.

Localised online presence with ease

How does it work:

  • We create a proxy/mirror copy of your master website which will be later localised into the target language.
  • The content will be pushed into our website localisation workflow, translation will be completed in context using your existing translation memories, style guides and glossaries and we then create a mirror image of your master site in the desired languages
  • When a visitor requests a language version via a translation call e.g. they will read the content in their mother tongue
  • Benefits are:
    • Full automation with reduced IT effort
    • In-context translation and client review
    • Instantly detects new content and sends for translation
    • No requirement for separate websites
    • Smooth and simple functionality
    • Reduced costs


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