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Multilingual Brand Management

Translate your brand’s emotional perception into any language.

We’ll help you build and retain positive brand associations with any target audience
around the globe.

Create the right connection

One of the primary drivers for ensuring the on-going quality and effectiveness of localised content is ensuring that your brand retains its strength and integrity in all languages.

Our project management team works closely with our clients to identify each brand’s key elements so that your dedicated team of linguists can be trained and briefed accordingly. We create detailed linguistic style guides, multilingual glossaries and brand briefing documents for each target language and market.

We encourage these to be reviewed and approved by our clients’ in-country teams before translation starts, and we run a continuous review cycle to ensure the quality of target-language content is meeting expectations. We include our clients in the linguist selection process when possible, so they can choose who will be working on the content for their brand.

Our aim is to produce engaging content which is on-brand, consistent and will resonate with our client’s global customer base.



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